3 Trends in Mobile Lube and Fuel Service


The world of mobile service is constantly changing, and staying up to date with the latest product trends is key to productivity. Here are three trends to keep in mind when looking at your lube and fuel service needs. 

1. Aluminum is the future

Switching to aluminum is a new trend to help reduce weight and increase equipment longevity. When adding lubrication equipment to your next service vehicle, give aluminum lube systems a look. 

Not only does aluminum offer significant weight savings, but it also provides superior corrosion resistance for lower maintenance and longer equipment life. Enhanced corrosion resistance can be especially beneficial for customers that work in harsh northern climates or near saltwater in coastal areas. 

2. Reducing the need for a CDL requirement

Finding CDL drivers today is hard and expensive. Consider equipment that eliminates the need for these special licensees all together while still getting your job done efficiently, such as the Multi-Tank Fuel Trailer.

Trailers like these are a great alternative to fuel transfer tanks and dedicated fuel trucks, because they do not require a dedicated chassis and free up CDL hazmat operators — helping them stay DOT-compliant while saving on equipment and driver costs. 

3. Customize to get the most for your money

With so many options available in today’s market, getting the most for your money is important. Don’t settle for close when customization is available. 

Custom options for lube and fuel equipment may cost more up front, but they provide operators with exactly what they need to get the job done efficiently, saving money in the long-term.  Work with a manufacturer that offer customization to make the most out of your hard-earned dollars. 

With the world of mobile lube and fuel service equipment ever evolving, staying on top of the changes can benefit your business. Make an effort to stay on the forefront of the industry by following leading manufacturer websites, publications, and social media. 

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