5 Big Trends in Work Truck Accessories


The work truck industry is in a state of continuous evolution. Advances in technology have paved the way for lighter, faster, and more efficient accessories, and more importantly, new ways of getting work done. Check out these five major trends in work truck accessories.

1. Aluminum storage systems are taking over the industry.

Aluminum construction advancements have quickly changed the mobile storage landscape. New, reliable construction methods have allowed for the rise of aluminum storage systems that feature all the benefits you’ve come to expect from their steel counterparts.

For instance, American Eagle® Heavy Duty Aluminum Drawer Systems feature the same 500-pound individual drawer capacity as their steel counterparts but weigh 30 percent less. More and more mechanics are swapping out those old steel drawers and bolt bins with newer, lightweight aluminum versions.

2. Mobile storage systems with productivity features are offering more flexibility than ever.

While we’re on the topic of storage systems, those that include productivity-enhancing features continue to outpace their predecessors. Advances in both general construction and lighting techniques are opening up new ways to think about the way you store and use tools on a daily basis.

One such productivity-enhancing feature is the American Eagle® Drawer LightBar. This dedicated light bar taps into your existing compartment lighting and illuminates even the darkest contents of your toolbox drawers. You’ll never have to worry about squinting in the dark trying to read socket measurements again.

Easily removable drawers are another enhancement that has gained popularity recently. Both steel and aluminum versions of the American Eagle® drawer system are equipped standard with this feature, allowing you to take your tools right to the work location.

Some mechanics even designate a “transport” drawer, load it up with the tools they need, pop the drawer, and carry it to the job at hand. This is a great way to save trips back to the truck compartment. Just don’t forget to put your tools back after the job is finished!

3. Integrated compressor/welder/generator systems are quickly replacing the modular approach.

Anything an operator can do to make their truck more efficient and ultimately more productive, is a positive. Converting to an integrated system is a great way to check both those boxes.

Instead of running an individual air compressor, welder, and generators, many operators are opting to equip their truck with an engine-driven integrated solution such as the Miller® EnPak. Not only are these systems more efficient than their modular counterparts, they can help on chassis maintenance and fuel savings as they don’t require the truck to run, utilizing their own engine in place of the standard PTO-driven air compressor configurations found on most work trucks.

4. Lube Systems are turning service trucks into legitimate one-stop equipment maintenance shops.

To coincide with the weight-saving advances overtaking the work truck industry, more and more mechanics are using this extra payload to include a lube system in their work truck. By adding either a permanent mount or mobile mount lube system, an operator effectively turns their work truck into a lube truck.

American Eagle offers a full line of LubeMate® Lube Systems. With completely customizable versions of both mobile and permanent mount systems featuring steel, aluminum, or poly construction, American Eagle is the perfect partner to turn your service truck into a service truck.

5. Mechanics are leaning towards a one-stop-shop for all work truck accessories.

More and more mechanics are seeking an accessory manufacturer that can provide everything they need from a single source. Mixing and matching manufactured components from multiple sources tends to lead to disconnects in efficiency and operation.

Seeking out a single work truck accessory partner ultimately results in a unified work truck package that functions as a whole, instead of a sum of its individual components. Additionally, this approach provides a single resource for support after your purchase.

The world of work truck accessories never stops evolving. Make an effort to stay up to date with the latest trends by reviewing industry websites, publications, and social media.

Want to talk about how these trends can boost your productivity? Reach out today or find a distributor.