April is National Welding Month


The American Welding Society established National Welding Month in 1996 to recognize the industry and the tradespeople who endeavor to keep the world together one weld at a time.

April is the month to celebrate the continued accomplishments of our 80 plus full-time welders. We also have several certified welders throughout our business who weld occasionally but are still required to meet the high standards we have at Stellar Industries.

At Stellar Industries, we have the best weld team in our industry, hands down. Our customers understand the quality and the durability of the products they are purchasing. Without our weld team continuing to meet the high expectations for our weld standards, we would not be able to be the leader in our industry.

The demand for welders continues to increase not only at Stellar Industries, but throughout the US. The demand increases on average of 6% per year in the United States. Welding is a needed trade in many industries and is showing no signs of slowing down.

To all our awesome welders, thanks for everything you do! April is your month to celebrate!