How TIA Tire Service Safety Training Benefits You


For years, Stellar has been the leading choice for Commercial Fleet Tire Service Trucks, OTR Tire Service Trucks, Large OTR Tire Trucks, and Ag Tire Service Trucks. Just as important as producing innovative, efficient and reliable tire trucks is Stellar’s commitment to helping make sure tire service is performed as safely as possible. That’s why Stellar is proud to be part of the Tire Industry Association (TIA) and host a tire safety training program several times each year.

Understanding the Need

From consumer cars and trucks to mining, construction and farming equipment to airplanes, the world runs on tires. Technicians working with large tires for heavy equipment are on the front line. Along with the worksite hazards of equipment in motion, the massive size and weight of mining, ag and construction tires make them a potential danger. Personnel can also be injured or killed should a tire’s zipper rupture with force, by debris flying off a tire, and from detaching treads or rubber chunks.

Professional tire safety training helps reduce those risks and protect technicians. For the past several years, Stellar has hosted TIA’s hands-on training for technicians in the earthmover and OTR tire service industries at our facilities in Garner, Iowa. Tom Formanek, one of Stellar’s Regional Sales Managers for tire service products, explains, “Our mission is to provide the training that helps them work more safely so that they can go home at night to their families.”

Many training program attendees have years of experience, yet Travis Glidden, Stellar’s other Regional Sales Manager for tire service products, notes that the attendees admit they still have much to learn and find the training to be well worth the time and investment. “The one comment I get from a lot of them is, ‘I didn’t realize how much stuff I was doing wrong,’ and I reply, ‘You weren’t doing it wrong, you just didn’t know.’ There are a lot of safety techniques and tools there they just had no idea were available to them, and they learn it all during the training program.”

In-Depth Safety Training

The three-day tire safety training program is for professionals of all experience levels. The first day is spent in a classroom setting going over safety practices and procedures. The remaining two days are spent applying those practices through hands-on training using a service truck, hydraulic tools, and a variety of equipment.

Through the combination of formal and hands-on training, attendees gain practical, comprehensive knowledge to help them service tires as safely and efficiently as possible. Technicians who successfully finish the training program receive a Certificate of Completion. Contact us to sign up today for the next available training program.

TIA Training

Quality Helps Support Safety

Long before the development of the tire safety training program, Stellar was supporting technicians with tire truck innovations and quality production for reliability, productivity and safety. For more than three decades, Stellar has been a tire service truck leader for commercial fleet, truck stop, ag service and OTR applications in North America and markets around the world.

One of the unique productivity and safety innovations on Stellar Large OTR Tire Trucks is the industry-first modified A-frame stabilizer. It lets the technician choose the ideal setup for the job, providing stability at differing widths and making it easy to service all cylinders and hoses.

Safety features are also engineered into the TM28 Tire Manipulator. Flood lights on each side of the machine make it easier to work in low-light conditions, and the equipment itself is designed for unobstructed visibility. You can operate the TM28 using the hydraulic controls in your loader or forklift, or you can access multiple hydraulic functions with the optional, fully proportional remote control.

TM28 changing tire close-up

All Stellar mining, construction and ag tire trucks are engineered and built by dedicated professionals using only quality components and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. We’re proud of our American roots, and our team is dedicated to supporting our customers around the world with equipment built for lasting performance. Safety features are part of our commitment to doing all we can to help our customers succeed.

Contact us today to learn more about the tire safety training program and to find the ideal tire service truck for your needs.