American Eagle Introduces Heavy Duty Aluminum Drawer Systems


American Eagle Accessories Group is announcing the addition of heavy-duty aluminum drawer systems to its Aluminum Series product line. This new line of drawer systems provides heavy-duty mobile storage, but offers weight savings up to 41% compared to its steel counterpart.

The American Eagle Aluminum Series Heavy-Duty drawer systems feature 500-pound capacity rated slides that will hold up to the rigors of daily work truck use and will support heavy tools and other parts and equipment. Each drawer is constructed of lightweight aluminum to offer weight savings and corrosion resistance. Each drawer is fitted with a non-slip liner that adds additional protection for valuable tools and aids in drawer organization.

The heavy-duty aluminum drawer systems also offer other standard features found on all American Eagle drawers. Features include individual locking drawers that use a single-handed T-Handle, powder coated drawer fronts for superior protection and an attractive finish, removable drawers to assist in installation as well as convenience on the job. The drawer also come with dividers, a telescoping top shelf, a 2 ½” riser built-in and concealed latching hardware for durability and security. All American Eagle drawer systems are engineered and custom-made to fit the user’s work truck specifications. A drawer system measurement guide is available online to assist with proper up-fitting and ordering.

“Our customers are trying to find any way they can to lighten up their work trucks and increase their payload,” says Jeff Newell, Sales Manager for American Eagle Accessories Group. “Reducing the weight of their truck accessories, such as the drawer systems, is one way we can help them achieve that goal. “

“The demands of the marketplace have driven this development for American Eagle,” Newell continues. “We have taken all the well known features of our heavy-duty steel line of drawers and put them into these aluminum systems, and now we have a virtually indestructible, yet lightweight system that will meet these demands.”

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