Stellar Introduces Four New, Lighter Telescopic Service Cranes and CDTpro™ Remote with Range Finder™


Garner, Iowa — Stellar Industries, an employee owned and operated manufacturer of hydraulic truck mounted equipment and trailers, is launching four new telescopic cranes and a newly redesigned remote control to the marketplace. Two of these cranes are redesigns of its 7,000 lb. class cranes, 7621 and 7630, in addition to a brand-new 8,000 lb. line with the 8621 and 8630 cranes. Stellar is also introducing a new and improved CDTpro™ remote control with Range Finder™.

With a new, sleek design, the Stellar 7621 and 7630 cranes feature an overall average reduced weight of nearly 20 percent compared to the previous models, while still maintaining the same strength. This compact design allows for an easier reach within smaller spaces and its lighter weight ultimately creates more payload for the operator.

Some of the biggest improvements made include updating the boom from a hexagon design to an octagon and decreasing the size of the boom tip. The new boom design allows the cranes to maintain strength while the compact boom tip creates an easier reach for smaller spaces. This innovative design preserves strength while reducing weight by an average of 355 lbs. across the 76 series.

“It takes skill to improve the best crane on the market — but we’ve done it,” says Tim Davison, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Stellar. “Our new models improve on strength while also reducing overall weight, creating the lightest and most robust option on the market.”

Additionally, Stellar Industries is introducing the most ergonomically correct and balanced radio remote control available — the Stellar CDTpro™ with patent-pending Range Finder™. This new proprietary remote was designed to improve ergonomics and increase usability. The single-handed controller delivers quick, smooth operation with the most finite control for precise placements of loads while allowing for multiple functions to run at once.

The Range Finder™ feature allows the operator to create a lift plan without ever needing to unstow the crane. This world-first technology estimates distance and calculates crane capacities where the operator is holding the radio remote.

With a full suite of feedback screens, the Stellar CDTpro™ includes current load of the crane, distance to maximum capacity and sends vibratory alerts to inform the operator they are approaching maximum load capacity.

Stellar Industries continues to be a leader in innovation in the telescopic crane industry. As cranes and controls evolve within the industries, so do the technologies and products at Stellar. The redesigned Stellar 76 series cranes, as well as the all-new Stellar 86 series cranes are perfect for a job that demands precision and light and durable strength.

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