Stellar Industries’ Travis Glidden Seeks Position on Tire Association Board


Garner, Iowa – Travis Glidden of Stellar Industries, is excited to give back to the industry in which he has spent his whole professional career by way of the Tire Industry Association (TIA) board.

Travis is currently the Tire Service Western Region Sales Manager for Stellar Industries Inc. He started in the tire service truck business in 1986 building trucks for Collins Equipment, which was purchased by Stellar Industries Inc. in 1993.

For the past 30 years, he has traveled extensively throughout North America, from urban California, to small town farm tire dealers in the Midwest, to the oil sands of Northern Alberta, selling, demonstrating, delivering and putting tire trucks into service. He has taken TIA’s Advanced Hands-On Training courses in both earthmover and farm tire service.

“I would like to see TIA training classes become an industry standard and a requirement for all tire service technicians,” said Travis. “Working with independent tire dealers who are servicing commercial truck, farm/ag and all sizes of OTR tires has given me understanding of the industry and its challenges, including safety considerations and lack of formal training.”

His many years of involvement with TIA, his relationships with those involved in the industry, and his experiences are part of what earned him the nomination for TIA board. His passion and dedication to the industry will help drive him if voted in.

Voting is now open to eligible TIA members and will close on Sept. 1, 2020.

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