Stellar Partners with Titan International and Tire Industry Association for Hands-On Training


Garner, Iowa — Stellar Industries, a 100% employee-owned and -operated manufacturer of high-quality mechanic trucks, cranes, tire service trucks, hooklifts, trailers and service truck and van accessories, recently partnered with Titan International, Inc. (Titan) and Tire Industry Association (TIA) to host advanced tire service training with the intent of further improving safety and technical service knowledge in the tire industry. The training, held for two weeks in July, focused on both wheels and tires in agriculture and OTR applications and brought in a range of additional expert partners, including Fuller Brothers, AME International and Intercomp.

Classroom trainings

The first two days focused on classroom training that followed TIA-developed programs, including the Farm Tire Service 200-level program with 11 different modules, as well as the Earthmover Tire Service 200-level program with 15 different modules.

Hands-on training stations

Following the classroom trainings, several partners provided hands-on training. Stellar set up two truck stations — one focused on preventive maintenance instruction for service trucks and the other focused on safe and efficient operation of tire manipulators. Additional hands-on training included:

  • AME International: Tool training
    AME, a worldwide supplier of tire service tools and accessories, provided training on the safe use and maintenance of cribbing tools and lifting tools, as well as lock-out/tag-out instruction.
  • Titan OTR specialists: Wheel inspection and tool use
    Titan’s team of OTR specialists provided instruction on wheel and component inspection, measurement, identification of issues and the use of Titan OTR profile gauges.
    Titan’s team of OTR specialists provided instruction on wheel and component inspection, measurement, identification of issues and the use of Titan OTR profile gauges.
  • Fuller Brothers: Wheel and tire life, mounting and dismounting
    Led by Fuller Brothers, a leading producer of specialty fluids, sealants and lubricants for the tire industry, this session focused on the use of products such as Tire Life and White Lightning (named after Matt White of TIA) during mounting and dismounting.
  • Intercomp: Conducting machine weigh-ups
    Titan’s team of agriculture specialists partnered with Intercomp, a leading manufacturer of industrial scales and weighing equipment, to guide participants through machine and tractor weigh-ups and how to properly inflate tires and ballast machines.
  • Titan agriculture specialists: Dual hub wheel training
    Titan’s Scott Sloan, Global LSW/Agriculture Product Manager and his team of agriculture specialists conducted training on the latest dual hub wheel technology commonly installed on larger four-wheel-drive tractors, including review of training materials and hands-on use of the locking mechanism.

In-field training sessions

Following day three’s hands-on instruction, participants were brought to Stellar’s brand-new training grounds in Garner, Iowa, to apply what they learned in real-world scenarios. This included four mounting/dismounting stations for a John Deere sprayer, a John Deere spreader, a CAT rigid haul truck and a Case wheel loader.

Stellar’s Travis Glidden and Tom Formanek joined TIA’s Matt White and a team of industry experts from Fuller Brothers and AME International to lead the in-field training. Multiple Titan agriculture and OTR specialists were also on site to monitor and coach participants through various exercises.

“We’ve got a great partnership here,” said Tom Formanek, Regional Sales Manager at Stellar. “We are able to teach professionals of all experience levels the proper and safe way to service as efficiently as possible.”

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