CDTpro™ with Range Finder™ Technology


CDTpro™ with Range Finder™ Technology

The CDTpro™ control system is an ergonomically designed handheld transmitter with an over-molded rubber bumper system to maximize durability while keeping lightweight. CDTpro™ has a full suite of feedback screens including current load on the crane, distance to maximum capacity and vibratory alerts to let the operator know when they are approaching the maximum load capacities.

Range Finder™
New patent-pending Range Finder™ technology estimates distance and calculates capacities from the operator's location when holding the remote. This allows the operator to create an efficient lift plan without ever having to unstow the crane. Simply park the truck, walk to the load, and let CDTpro™ with Range Finder™ estimate the crane's capability at a distance.
Crane Functions & Operational Feedback
Backlit LED Screen shows lift information and warnings for the operator including:

  • Load capacity of the crane as a percentage
  • Current weight being lifted by the crane
  • Weight remaining
  • Max radius of crane with current load
  • Current radius of crane
  • Current boom angle of crane
  • Current boom extension of crane
  • Vibration alerts as crane approaches max capacity
  • Warning notifications

*Measurements available in both imperial and metric systems.

Compatible Cranes
Compatible Stellar® Telescopic Service Cranes include:

  • Heavy-Duty Cranes: 7621, 7630, 8621, 8630, 9621, 9630, 10621, 10630, 12621, 12630, & 14530



Park the truck, walk to the load and let CDTpro™ with Range Finder™ estimate the crane’s capability at a distance. With Range Finder™ technology, CDTpro™ gives you the power to gauge distance and calculate crane capacities from the remote’s exact location, without having to unstow the crane, increasing your productivity.

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CDTpro Interactive Image -- Copy
LED Display Stop Button Battery Powered Variable Speed Trigger Multi-Function Crane Controls Strong Charging Contacts Quick Holster Battery Charging Indicator Boost Mode Range Finder™ Pistol Grip Shift Down Function Button Aluminum Guard Quick Hang Magnet Shift Up Function / Shortcut Button Backlit Display Tethered Extension Cable

LED Display

LED screen displays various information about crane functions and operational feedback.

Stop Button

Protected stop button immediately stops all crane functions while holding the remote in one hand.

Battery Powered

Remote uses four AA rechargeable batteries or can use four AA standard alkaline batteries.

Variable Speed Trigger

Provides precise control of crane functions by utilizing proportional hydraulics on the crane. The further the trigger is pressed in, the faster the function will operate.

Multi-Function Crane Controls

Run multiple crane functions in conjunction with the variable speed trigger for greater control.

Strong Charging Contacts

Charging contacts ensure the remote remains fully docked. Audible alert in-cab lets operator know if the remote isn't stowed in the charging station when vehicle break is disengaged.

Quick Holster

Optional quick belt holster can be used to keep the remote on your hip for quick access and easy operation.

Battery Charging Indicator

Indicator will illuminate when battery is being charged in docking station or with tethered extension cable. If the battery is below 25%, an empty battery icon will show on the display

Boost Mode

Allows operators who reach maximum capacity to operate through that situation by increasing crane capacity to nearly 118% of normal operating mode for a short period of time.

Range Finder™

Operator knows what the crane is capable of lifting in real-time as they move with the remote in hand. This allows you to know your lift information without ever needing to unstow the crane.

Pistol Grip

Textured handle with rubber grip ensures a strong hold even in slippery condition while also featuring ergonomics for comfort. Balanced to ensure comfortable, long-term, one-handed operation.

Shift Down Function Button

Press to scroll through screens that change the function of each of the four toggle switches.

Aluminum Guard

Anodized aluminum guard adds drop protection to the already rugged remote, adding additional protection for harsh working conditions.

Quick Hang Magnet

Quick hang magnet allows operator to store remote onto steel surfaces for convenience.

Shift Up Function / Shortcut Button

Allows the operator to customize as a shortcut operation.

Backlit Display

Backlit display is easy to read even in low light conditions and can be set to auto, on or off based on the operator's preference.

Tethered Extension Cable

Data port on the back of the remote in the event you need to install a tethered extension cable or if in an area where radio transmission is not allowed.

Handheld Capacity Alert

CDTpro™ equipped cranes are the first in the mechanic crane market to offer integral capacity alert into the handheld controller displayed on an LCD screen. This system alerts the operator of increasing loads before they encounter maximum capacity.

Crane Boost System

The industry-first crane boost which debuted with CDTplus™ is now also available on Stellar® CDTpro™ equipped cranes. This allows operators who reach maximum capacity to effectively increase crane capacity to nearly 118% of normal operating mode for a short period of time.

Enhanced Safety System

Like the CDTplus™, CDTpro™ equipped cranes feature an enhanced safety system. If a device intended to monitor the capacity of the crane operates incorrectly, the crane will put itself into safe mode. This mode will allow the operator to work with the crane at a reduced speed to finish the job and stow the crane until the safety device is in proper working order.