3 Trends in Hooklift and Demountable Design


Hooklift and demountable products are continually evolving.  While the changes might not occur as rapidly as in other industries, a few trends have emerged that highlight the need for increased productivity, efficiency, and safety.  Let’s take a look at a few recent design trends in hooklifts and demountables.

Electronic controls

One recent development in demountable design is the addition of optional electronic controls. These controls also allow for options like autoload and drop, which can reduce work time and save money.

Improved worksite visibility

Implementing camera systems in multiple locations on hooklifts is becoming more popular. Adding cameras to the hook and rear, along with the sides adds better visualization to your work area, increasing efficiency. Seeing exactly where you’re at while backing up reduces time in and out of the cab to line up your pick. Time saved equals money saved.

New industry expansion

Many different markets are starting to use more hooklifts outside of their traditional industries of demolition and waste removal. Because of their versatility and ability to utilize a variety of containers, they are being used in industries such as fire safety, crash response, scrap metal, mining, and landscaping. The ability to use one truck for multiple operations reduces overhead and increases productivity.

While demount equipment may not change often or dramatically, there are plenty of incremental advances in technology that are leading to more productive, efficient, and safer products. To learn more, contact us or find a distributor.