Utilizing Stellar’s industry-first Crane Dynamics Technology™, the CDTplus Radio Control System gives operators a wireless handheld tool to control, power and monitor Stellar cranes. The LCD display delivers operator feedback including real-time load capacity, maximum distance with the current load, boom angle and percentage of load. All crane functions can be operated by toggle switches and a proportional control trigger. It also includes an engine start/stop button, a compressor start/stop button, and an emergency stop button. The wireless operation lets operators select the ideal position for visibility and increased safety.

The design is compact, contoured and rubber-coated for easy, comfortable, single-hand operation. The CDTplus remote handle also features a rechargeable battery and an in-cab docking and recharging station.

  • Handheld Capacity Alerts notify the operator of increasing loads before they encounter maximum capacity. Alerts appear on the LCD screen, plus the controller will vibrate, ensuring that the operator is aware that the crane is approaching maximum capacity.
  • Crane Boost System is industry-first, proprietary technology from Stellar that allows operators who reach maximum capacity to productively operate through that situation by effectively increasing crane capacity to nearly 118% of its normal operating mode for a short period of time. (Available on most crane models.)
  • Enhanced Safety System puts the crane into safe mode if a device intended to monitor the capacity of the crane operates incorrectly. Safe mode allows the operator to work with the crane at a reduced speed until the safety device is in proper working order. The crane will also communicate to the operator if an overload safety device fault is detected.
Model Crane Rating Max. Reach Max. Capacity
14530 82,600 ft-lb* 30' (9.14 m) 14,000 lbs (6,350 kg)

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