NXT Series

NXT™ Series Hooklifts

Reach a new level of productivity with innovative Stellar® NXT™ Series hooklifts. The unique bolt-on body lock system provides universal adjustment for either inside or outside locks, so all it takes is one truck and one operator to handle a wide range of capacities and body sizes. With the NXT Series, you’ll have maximum flexibility — using flatbeds, storage containers and more — to take on multiple jobs and added jobs per day.

The extraordinary leap in hooklift design is apparent in the first model released, the NXT18. Featuring a best-in-class 7.5″ lost load height, the powerful, 18,000-lb capacity NXT18 handles 8’ – 11’ 6” bodies for 84” – 96” CA chassis and 12’-14′ bodies for 108″ – 120″ CA chassis. The telescopic jib utilizes a multi-plate design that’s lightweight yet structurally sound handling a wide range of body lengths. The manual adjustable hook height makes it easy to set the hook height to match the lift bar height of a fleet of containers.

The Z-rail design also ensures high strength without added weight. The base is pre-drilled to allow for efficient installation on the chassis and to allow body saddles to be installed where needed. Integrated body lock mounting holes on the dump section eliminate the need to cut off/weld on locks. The compact secondary design provides a lost load height of 7.5″ and when combined with the dump section creates a double-pivot, allowing a lower below-grade hook bar approach that accommodates sub-frame heights as low as 4″.

For added convenience and efficiency, the integrated soft-stop feature brings the body to rest gently on the body saddles. Programmable logic provides precision hook deployment, and the radio remote control transmitter delivers easy, handheld operation control. The universal mounting bracket lets you place the 8-gallon (30.3 L) reservoir where you want it: top mount at the bulkhead or along the chassis frame, or on either side of the unit. Integrated replaceable wear pads make service a breeze.

NXT18 Hooklift

NXT18 Spec Drawing
 Capacity Rec. Body Lengths Hook Height 
 18,000 lb. (9,072 kg) Short Version: 8′ – 11’6″
Long Version: 12′ – 14′
35.63″ or 54″
Hook Height: 35.63" (905 mm) or 54" (1.372 mm)
Lift Capacity: 35.63" HH: 18,000 lbs (8,165 kg)
54": HH: 18,000 lbs (8,165 kg)
Dump Capacity: 18,000 lbs (8,165 kg)
Cycle Times: Tilt/Dump Extend – 36 Seconds
Tilt/Dump Retract – 30 Seconds
Jib Extend – 5 Seconds
Jib Retract – 4 Seconds
Times based on 16 GPM of oil flow.
Shipping Weight: Short Version: 2,100 lbs (953 kg)
Long Version: 2,400 lbs (1,089 kg)
Without reservoir and body locks.
Body Lengths: Short Version: 8' - 11'6" (2,438-3,505 mm)
Long Version: 12' – 14' (3,658 – 4,267 mm)
Min. Truck GVWR: 16,000 – 26,000 lbs (7,257 – 11,793 kg)

Maximum Hydraulic Flow: 16 GPM (60.5 LPM)

Operating Pressure: 4,200 PSI (289 bar)

Valve Bank: Monoblock main valve with electric solenoid, main pressure relief valve and power beyond port.

Load Holding Valves: All cylinders are equipped with counterbalance valves to prevent cylinder collapse in the event of a hose failure.

Hydraulic Pump Kits: Kit includes a PTO control module that disengages the PTO if a set RPM is exceeded.


Main components are manufactured with high-strength steel.

Bushings at all pivot points.

All pins are zinc-plated carbon steel as standard with an option to upgrade to type 17-4 stainless pins.

Finish: All weldments are painted with two-part polyurethane enamel prior to assembly.


Stellar manufactured structural parts: 3 years

Paint adhesion on Stellar manufactured parts: 3 years

Purchased parts and labor: 1 year

Labor on Stellar workmanship: 1 year

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