Auto Tarper Option

The Stellar Industries container tarping system offers easy installation, smooth, convenient operation and most importantly, it’s the toughest, most maintenance free tarping system available. When it comes to your company’s bottom line, the proven SI Tarping System will keep you in the black. Tarping systems are available for hooklifts and cable hoists.

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Complete Installation Kit

  • The Stellar® Auto Tarper offers one of the most complete installation kits on the market today.  There are no hoses to cut or ends to crimp on, saving time during installation.  It also makes hose routing a breeze. This feature also makes hose replacement easier.   All of the fasteners and ancillary items come neatly organized and prepackaged, further simplifying installation.

Exclusive Modular Design and Installation

  • The modular design enables the Stellar Auto Tarper to be shipped very easily via common carrier.  Replacement tarp arms can be shipped via FedEx or UPS, which provides freight savings.  The modular sub-assembly can reduce installation time by as much as 8 hours when compared to other tarping systems on the market.

Premium Prime and Paint

  • All Stellar Auto Tarpers leave the factory with a premium, two-part prime and paint coating.  This ensures years of durable protection and eliminates the need to mask-off and paint the system after installation.

Extended Tarp Lift

  • The Stellar Auto Tarper rolls the tarp over the load, as opposed to dragging it like some competitive models. This allows the tarp to be draped over sharp items and preventing tearing of the tarp.  This feature extends the life of the tarp, and saves money over the life of the system.

Easy Tarp Replacement

  • When it comes time to replace your worn tarp, the Stellar Auto Tarper has the easiest and quickest tarp replacement on the market.  The tarp is rolled on the end of the tarp arms, no reason to remove a heavy roller to replace the tarp.

Simplified Maintenance

  • The Stellar Auto Tarper’s efficient design provides for simple maintenance.  There are grease zerks at every pivot point and no debris collecting teeth that often break on traditional rack and pinion systems.

Low Profile Design

  • The design of the Stellar Auto Tarper keeps all of the hydraulic components as low as possible.  This prevents damage due to possible container interference and reduces load stress on other components.

Sliding Pivot

  • The Stellar Auto Tarper features a sling arm pivot so the operator can cover a wide variety of containers, from 15-yard to 40-yard, with ease.  Additionally, the pivot assembly is hydraulically adjustable.  If the pivot is not in the most convenient place for your operation, it can be adjusted with the simple pull of a lever.  Stellar Industries, Inc. was the first manufacturer on the market to offer this feature.

Adjustable Gantry

  • The hydraulically adjustable gantry allows you to fit a wide range of container heights, from 60” to 107” (152 cm to 272 cm) and features an easy to install optional cab guard.

Efficient, Synchronized Hydraulics

  • The master/slave hydraulics have been removed from the operation of the Auto Tarper.  This eliminates any “racking” that may occur.  This also reduced the number of cylinders down to two and the need for extended inventory on replacement cylinders or seal kits.

Safe Controls

  • The Stellar Auto Tarper is safely run from behind the cab. The design of the tarp arms keeps them away from the operator when lowering into the gantry.  This feature keeps the operator safe and able to focus on the job at hand.